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Dust collector Paam Type used for Capsule polishing machine, tablet and capsule counting machine for Tablet press we manufacture from 150 to 300 cfm as per your requirement of dust extraction.
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High Speed Tablet Press Machine Manufacturers, we manufacture a range of tablet press according to your needs, from diameter ranging from 5 mm to 90 mm of tablets, lab models to 72 station tablet press.
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Pharmaceutical Drying Machine, we manufacture a range of drying equipment according to your drying needs, conventional Drying Ovens from 6 to 192 trays, Fluid Bed Dryer from Lab Model to 500 kgs, per hour, Vacuum Tray Dryer from lab model to 96 trays, Rotocone Vacuum Dryer, Agitated Nutsch Filter, Rotary drum dryer.
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Agitated Nutsch FilterMachine Manufacturers, we manufacture form lab model to 5000 Litres, it is used for solid liquid seperation.
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Vacuum Tray dryer machine manufacturers from lab model to 96 trays is manufactured by with condenser and receiver , also hot water circulation system is given by us, we manufacture GMP model and Standard Model as per your specifications required . Vacuum Tray Dryer is used for low tempratrue drying and for removing moisture under vacuum.