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Tablet Press Spares Manufacturers We manufacture genuine spares for all tablet presses like Cadmach, Clit, Karnavat, Chamunda, Clit, Ceemach, Cip .
Cosmetic Machinery Manufacturer in India: We are the largest making “Cosmetic Machinery” Manufacturer in India. We have been involved in the manufacturing of Cosmetics Machinery for the past many years. These are fabricated using high quality spares for yielding smooth and uninterrupted performance. Our range of cosmetic machines and spares are highly recognized in the market due to well known features such as robust design, non-stop performance and longer service life. See More :
Change parts for Pam SA-9 Capsule filling machine and spares. We manufacture change parts fro SA-9 Semi automatic capsule filling machine . We can also give your spares for the machine.
Tablet Press Spare Parts Manufacturers of Ind We manufacture Quality Genuine Spares for Riddhi , Cadmach, Clit, Chamunda Tablet Presses all over India and we export the same also . Please send us your enquiry with the spare part no, , model make, Machine no. Riddhi Pharma Machinery Ltd email : Tel.: 022-28321332 M-9969994187
Rotary Tablet Press Spare Parts Manufacturers of India We manufacture Quality Genuine Spares for Riddhi , Cadmach, Clit, Chamunda Tablet Presses Like turret, upper cam , lower cam, die lock screw, tablet toolings all over India and we export the same also . Please send us your enquiry with the spare part no, , model make, Machine no. Riddhi Pharma Machinery Ltd email : Tel.: 022-28321332 M-9969994187
Upper Cam Plate for all type of Tablet Presses We manufacture Upper Cam Plate and lower cam plate, Upper pressure roll, pressure roll pin, Lower pressure roll and pressure roll pin, worm, feed frame, hopper , dia lock screw , turret and all other spares for all type of tablet press like Cadmach, Clit, Ceemach, CIP, Chamunda etc.
Multi Mill Machine Manufacturerrs. We manufacture Multi Mill and sieves for multi mill, also we supply all spares like beaters and shaft for all brands of multi mill.
Tablet Compression Machine Manufacturer In India: We are the largest making “Tablet Compression Machine” Manufacturer in India. We are the manufacture of Pharmaceutical Tablet Compression Machine, also popularly known as Tablet Press. We Are one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Tablet Press Tooling Machine Series of cams, punches and rollers makes up Tablet Compression Machine, sometimes mechanical devices are added for filling and ejecting Tablets. All the spares are precisely crafted and made from high quality materials which are corrosion free and robust. We Are is also expert in manufacturing containers which are important for precise weight control. Whether you want to produce vitamin Tablets or Ayurvedic Tablets, or cosmetic products, whether you need a single station tablet press , single-station /double station, high speed tablet press, manually operated Tablet press, or a heavy-duty, high-output, automated Tablet press, You can buy tablet press according to your need from our dynamic range of Pharmaceutical Tablet Press. Some of the salient and unique features of Tablet machine from Riddhi Pharma ; Produces Precise, consistent, and accurate Tablets with Precise weight control technique Easy to operate, provides operator safety Easy and Quick to clean, Hygienic operations Pre-compression facility in High Speed Tablet machines High quality material makes the machine corrosion free We Are has many varieties of Tablet Press Machine like High Speed Rotary, Single Side, Double Side and Riddhi Pharma Machine; all these variants have subtypes too which helps achieve particular production goal. Riddhi Pharma TABLET PRESS MACHINE: Riddhi Pharma Tablet Press Machine by We Are produces 2000 to 18000 Tablets per hour, is fully computerized system with force feeding through AC variables. Promising unmatched quality, Safety with enhanced performance, clean ability and cost effective solutions are the most significant features of Tablet Presses of We Are . Any high end Tablet press machine from We Are can produce up to 5, 40, 000 Tablets per hour So whether you need high production with accurate and consistent Tablets or you want Compaq Lab Tablet machine for Riddhi Pharma in lab , We Are has all kind of Tablet compression machines. We Are caters to all the types of the pharmaceutical machinery, with an array of models for all kind of the pharmaceutical production. Application Of Tablet Compression Machine: Square GMP Model. C.I. Body and C.I. Middle plate Paint free tablet manufacturing zone. Turret of S.G. Iron Special Grade Casting Separate centre pillar of C.I. graded casting. Disc type friction clutch start system. Upper Punch Penetration system Electronic Digital Tablet cum RPM Counter. Inter lock switches to all Guards. Double Sided lifting cams. Lower Guard of Stainless Steel & Upper Guards of Acrylic Material. Aluminum Turret Guards. 13. Effective Dust Extraction Nozzles. Imported needle roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret. Re-designed Variable Speed Pulley, One shot Lubrication System and Anti Vibrating Mounts are provided. Very rigid Gun metal Feed frame (both identical) with sufficient height to avoid spill over of powder Turret with key slots, essential for shaped tooling provided on 27, 33, 35 & 37 station machine (optional on 41 & 45 station machine.) Separate, front and rear take off chutes to avoid any blockage or double compression resulting in accident. Oil groove on top face of turret for collection of excess oil. Special Additional Features Of Tablet Compression Machine: S.S. Turret Die / Middle Plate. A.C. Frequency Drive for Main Motor. Square GMP Model with S.S. Lower Half Enclosures. Safety Switches at Acrylic Guards. Automatic Centralised Lubrication System. Upper Punch Penetration.
Single Rotary Tablet Press Manufacturer In India. We are the largest making “Single Rotary Table Press” Manufacturers from India.we are capable of manufacturing and supplying Single Rotary Table Press. These Single Rotary Table Press are designed in three types of models, such as RDD3-16, RDD3-20 and RDD3-23. Our offered Single Rotary Table Press are available for the customers in different specifications, in order to fulfill their variegated requirements. The provided Single Rotary Table Press is efficient in making various kinds of tablets and is applicable in pharmaceutical industry. Features Of Single Rotary Table Press: . Available with flywheel & handwheel Overload pressure release mechanism Can easily check compression load SALIENT FEATURES FOR STD & GMP MACHINE : Flywheel and Handwheel are provided. Friction plate is provided on cam plate to minimize wear & tear of cam track which also facilitates its easy replacement. Re-designed Variable speed pulley. Separate Centre Pillar of C.I. Graded Casting. Turret of C.I. Graded Casting. Very rigid Gun-metal Feed frame with sufficient height to avoid spill over of powder. All Columns and Nuts are electroplated. Central Oil Lubrication system with hand pump. Pressure gauge provided to check compression load. 10. Excellent finish, Accessibility for ease of cleaning, operation and Maintenance. 11.Oil groove on top face of turret for collection of excess oil. 12.Overload pressure release mechanism to give protection against excess pressure. 13.Upper and Lower Pressure Rolls are made out of alloy steel for maximum wear resistance and long life. 14. Worm is made up of Phosphor Bronze. 15. RDD3-23 station machine can compress D.S. tablet upto 16mm (5/8”) in length. 16.Turret with Key slots essential for shaped tooling. 17.Maximum Turret RPM for STD Machine is 30. ADDITIONAL SALIENT FEATURES FOR GMP MACHINE : Machine is totally enclosed, i.e. Top half of the machine Compression zone) with S. S hood & acrylic covers and Lower half of the machine complete with Mat finished S.S. covers. This reduces the noise level and to & fro flow of dust between compression zone and compression room. Anti vibration mounting pads are provided, hence no foundation is required. Large paint free compression zone with plenty of space for ease of cleaning & Accessibility of components. Electronic Counter showing total output is provided on the control panel. Operating system same as standard machine and it is easy to operate and maintain the machine. Most of the components are common with the standard machine which reduces inventory of spares. Higher Turret speed upto 42 RPM gives higher output than standard machine. Maximum Turret RPM for GMP Machine is 42. Technical Specification Models RDD3-16 RDD3-20 RDD3-23 Tooling D D B/D Combined No . Of Stations 16 20 23 Max . Output(Tab/hr) 40.320 50.400 57.960 Max . Pressure 10 Tons 10 Tons 10 Tons Max . Tablet Dia 25 mm 25 mm 16 mm Max . Depth of Fill 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm Electncals 2HP. 3 .A C. 2HP. 3 .A C. 2HP. 3 .A C.