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Automatic label batch printing machine manufacturers from Africa , we manufacture machines for labels and cartons and combi model also
Semi automatic capsule filling machine manufacturers single loader and double loader in Africa
Communiting Mill Machine manufacturers from Africa , we manufacture machines like Cadmill, or Fritz mill and can give you spares for the same. This mill gives an output of 800 kg per hour.
Drum Blender Machine manufacturers for India, Bangladesh, africa, latin america . We manufacture drum blender as per your manufacturing capacity required.
Mass Mixer Machine Manufacturers for India, banglades and african countries, we manufacture all production models from 50 kg to 250 kg model.
Batch code printing machine manufacturers from africa for pouches, we also manufacture for label , cartons and pouches.
Tablet and capsule counting machine manufacturers in africa
High speed tablet press Mark IV machine manufacturers in africa, we manufacture 45 station d tooling tablet press.
Tablet coating system machine manufacturers in africa , we manufacture from lab model to 72 inch.