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Roller Compactor Manufacturer In India: We are the largest making “Rapid Compactor” Manufacturers from India. The Rapid Compactor machine is used for dry granulation of pharmaceutical ingredients in pharmaceutical industry, in food as well as chemical industry for densification and granulation of powder. The Rapid Compactor dry compaction of the powder between two rollers on high pressure for increased bulk density, making granules, dust free processing and reducing packing size. The material in form of powder passes through the two counter rotating rolls of roller compactor under very high pressure. As the volume decreases through the region of maximum pressure, the material is formed into a solid compact sheet or flakes of ingredients. These Rapid Compactor flakes or compact sheet of ingredients are reduced in size to obtain the desired grain size. The Rapid Compactor machine takes extra care to prevent the generation of fine during this process. Why Compaction Is Necessary To improve bulk density. To achieve better granulation of sieve analysis. To reduce process cost and improve end product quality. To produce uniform blends or mixture. To produce a uniform particle size range. To control particle hardness. To control dust. To adjust flow properties. To improve solution or dispersion rates. Principle Of Compaction This is a dry granulation method. The basic concept is to force fine powder into solid compact or sheet. Some of the factors controlling the compaction process are roll surface, diameter, peripheral speed, separating force or pressure capabilities, feed screw and being processed. The addition of binders to the material being processed. The addition of binders to the material being processed greatly reduces the production of fines. An Outstading Feature  Totally G.M.P., compact design-plain as well as water jacketed for products which are extremely heat sensitive. Various types of rolls can be offered to suit your specific application so as to achieve maximum bulk density of output eg. (A) Plain (b) corrugated (c) Briquetted & (d) knurled. Specially designed feeding system consisting of hopper pre-densifier and a variable speed drive unit. Safety clutch is provided to prevent any accident.  Feeding unit can be hydraulically lifted by hand operated hydraulic pump for easy cleaning and built-in panel and indicators are provided, on-off, feed screw, main switch, forward/reverse switches. RPM indicators for roll and feed screw, emergency stop, digital RPM indicator etc.  Specially designed scraper is provided to prevent powder sticking on the rolls.  Design of the equipment is such that minimum lubrication is required in daily maintenance.  Main roll drive is designed with twin shaft gear box coupled with safety clutch to protect roll drive unit thereby perfectly synchronizing the roll with a steady torque.  The side seal is forced against the roll side, so that the percentage of uncompacted powder that leaks by is kept extremely low.  To prevent a possible accident the compacting roll is designed to rotate backward when cleaning.

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