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Automatic Ampoule Fi

Automatic Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

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Automatic Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine “Riddhi ” Introducing series of state of art technology Automatic Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machines for performance and GMP demanding customers in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Veterinary, agriculture, chemical and cosmetics industry. The machine built on principal of slant travel of ampoules while filling and sealing to take care of vide variation of neck dimensions, thickness and ovality of available ampoules. The unit built on Stainless Steel Square pipe frame and totally encompassed with S.S. Coverings in pleasing matt finish. Further large opening available at bottom side for absolute cleaning. The pendant type electrical control panel is lifted from machine for ease of operation and safety. Process Operation The sterilized ampoule tray can be directly loaded into slant hopper of the machine. The synchronized star wheel delivers ampoules, one by one on moving eccentric, ampoule rack in four’s. During the stoppage of rack sequentially pre-gassing, filling, post gassing, pre-heating and final sealing / annealing is achieved. Change Parts The basic unit fitted with parts suitable for any one size of ampoules and one fill volume syringe, which include below: In the event of changeover of each size of ampoule, following change parts are required. 1. Star wheel 2. Stainless Steel Needle Salient Features:  Compact GMP model according to pharmaceuticals norms  Production Output 10 to 20 / minute in single head (Depend on ampoules sizes)  All contact parts made from AISI SS 316L & non-contact parts made from AISI SS 304 Suitable to fill 01ml to 20ml ampoules “No Ampoule No Filling” Systems eliminates to waste of costly liquid.  Ampoule neck centering during gas flushing and filling process.  Possibility of nitrogen flushing before and after liquid filling.  Full accessibility allows easy maintenance.  Machine equipped with Pre-Heating attachments.  Minimum change over time, little maintenance & easy cleaning.  In feed ampoules loading Stainless Steel Hopper  Duly filled and sealed ampoules sleep down through Stainless Steel Tray.  Imported Torches of fine gas setting and gas mixture for LPG& Oxygen gases for sealing.  Stainless Steel West tips collector for cutting the glass ampoules tips while sealing. Process Operation: Empty washed & sterilized ampoules fed into in-feed hopper from the left hand side of the machine to receiving rack. The moving rack which moves horizontally collect one ampoule from the receiving rack and transfer the ampoules to the machine in left to right in an inclined position through pre-gassing. Pre-gassing, Filling, Post Gassing, Pre-heating & sealing stations completes filling & sealing operations. Filled & sealed ampoules are putting downthrough stainless steel tray automatically. Technical Details of Automatic Single Head Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine,Model RDHFS-30 (R&D Lab Model) Model RDHFS – 30 (GMP) R&D Lab Model No. Of Head for Filling & Sealing One Ampoule Handling Size 01ml to 20ml Production Out Put 10 to 20 Ampoules Per Minute depend on size Filling Accuracy +/- 1 % Required Gas For Sealing LPG + Oxygen (Combination) Nitrogen Flushing Pre & Post Nitrogen Flushing Available Power Required (Electrical) 0.5 H.P., 3 Phase, 380 Volts,50Hz, 4 wire systems (Power rating change as per customer’s domestic requirement) Contact Parts Stainless Steel 316 Non-Contact Parts Stainless Steel 304 Material Of Construction (MOC) SS 304 Square Pipe Frame Structure Finished Matt Finished Over All Dimensions 900mm (L) X 500mm (W) X 970mm (H) Net Weight 80 Kgs. Gross Weight 200 Kgs. (Including Wooden Packing)

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